"I got dressed this morning. For myself.
Put on eye liner. For myself.

Put on my favorite red lipstick. For myself.

Showed a bit of skin. For myself
I wanted to be beautiful. For myself."

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"Falling in love with yourself first doesn’t make you vain or selfish, it makes you indestructible."

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"If you’re ever with a girl who is too good for you, marry her."

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I would like a movie where a fat character’s weight isn’t mentioned.

And that it’s not surprising when she dates a thin/attractive/popular person.

I’m so sick of fat people being seen as ugly, pathetic, desperate etc etc etc.

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where are all the plus size models with double chins

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Fat Girls in Summer


Fat girls in summer

should not be forced into shorts

that hang like potato sacks

down to kneecaps

and over meaty thighs. 

Fat girls in summer

should cut those frumpy frocks

until the hem is shorter 

and jagged

and lets them fucking breathe.

Fat girls in summer

should not let themselves

be covered

or draped

or ignored.

Not by people nor clothes.

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go fuck yourself.


I just want someone to spend hours exploring and loving my body


my soft body is heavenly