Someone come over and take pictures of my beautiful fat body.

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"I’m tired of non-fat people thinking it’s a miracle when fat people are talented."


Is it still cool to say reply with just “this” because … THIS.

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I wish I had real life fat girl friends



Ones I could go shopping with, who’d actually understand the struggle of getting nice clothes that don’t cost a fortune!

Who I could go dancing with and not feel like the odd one out as I’m currently at least twice the size of my friends, if not more!

Getting ready in our underwear and swapping clothes! Just having people who understand what it’s like.

I wanttttt

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-Marilyn Wann


-Marilyn Wann

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fuck slimming clothing I wanna exaggerate my thick thighs and outline my big belly and I sure as heck wanna show off my fat ass

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"Thin people: Do you feel an obligation to society to be healthy? If not, why do you demand it of fat people?"

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i’m crying, i want this omg


i’m crying, i want this omg

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~* woah, my first selfie on here *~

~* woah, my first selfie on here *~